The main vision of the Department of Cooperation is to strengthen, boost up and enhancing the process of Cooperative Movement in Mizoram which broadly aimed at the socio-economic Development of the people of Mizoram and try to bring most of developmental activities under the umbrella of Cooperation Department in the State through the cooperative sectors in all level.

Mission :

The main missions are as under :-

  1. To promote the viability and growth of cooperatives which are an effective instruments of society and economic justice in furtherance to fulfillment of directive principles of State policy as enshrined in Part IV of the Constitution of India.
  2. To develop participative, transparent and scientific Agricultural, Horticulture Farming and Marketing system with adequate infrastructure and user friendly e-initiatives.
  3. To protect economic rights and interest and political rights of Cooperatives.
  4. To promote transparency and accountability in the Cooperative Movement through standardized and it procedure and practices and timely conduct of audit election.
  5. To provide financial, technical and policy-Aid and all other possible assistances to Cooperatives and its members in order to reduce poverty, unequality, unfairmeans, deploitation of the weaker section, etc. for a specified period to be determined by State Legislature.