1.      Cooperative Society seeking for registration should have formed Cooperative Society successfully in accordance with the internationally recognized Principles of Cooperation under Section 6 of MCS Act, 2006. The Cooperative Society should have activity for at least one year prior to submission of application for registration.


2.      The Inspecting Staff assigned for taking up inquiry into the position of the proposed Cooperative Society should ensure that the Society is formed by bonofide citizens of India with different families living under different roofs U/S 26 (3), U/S 7(1) and U/S 9(4) of Act 2006 and carry out spot verification.


3.      The proposed Society should have as its chief objective promotion of economic interest and general welfare of its members or public through self-help and mutual aid in force from time to time as per U/S 5 of Act 2006.


4.      No Society shall be recommended for registration if it is found economically unsound or if the registration is likely to have adverse effect on the development of the Cooperative movement in accordance with Rules 6 of MCS Rules 1996.


5.      The Society seeking for registration should have sufficient fund to run any business as prescribed in the provision laid down U/S 8 of the Act 2006. Total amount of Share less than Rs.10,000/- is found too small to start any business activity


6.      The project Report should invariably reflect provision for the economic improvement of individual members and also the viability of the proposed Society.


7.      The viability aspect of the Society should focus on how the Society will involve itself in marketing of the produces of the members, give support to the members and how the Society will make earnings for its survival and become financially viable.


8.      A consumer, Canteen or Multipurpose Cooperative intending to run Cooperative Store should have adequate fund from the members in the form of share contribution or through other means for the purpose of procurement of essential consumer goods for running the store.


9.      Each member/Promoter of Sericulture/Farming Cooperative seeking for registration should have suitable land of her own for Cultivation which should be reflected in the verification report. The report should be supported by LIST OF MEMBERS WITH AREA OF LAND HOLDING i.e. LSC. Etc.


10.    Each member of Fishery Cooperative seeking registration should have his own Fish Pond suitable for taking up pisciculture and to evolve earnings for his own economic progress which should be indicated clearly in the verification report with the size of the Ponds. Prospect for the involvement of Fishery Cooperative in marketing of fish products should also be invariably mentioned. Technical report of Fisheries Department is to be obtained as far as possible. List of members WITH AREA OF FISH PONDS SHOULD BE ATTACHED.


11.    Each member of Pig Producer seeking registration should have at least 2 fattening Pigs or breeding Sow or Boar for its own economic improvement. The report should be accompanied by LIST OF MEMBERS WITH NUMBER OF REARING PIGS, PIGLETS, BREEDING SOW, BOAR in the pigsty.


12.    Each member of Handloom/Weavers Cooperative Society seeking registration should have at least one functioning/Serviceable loom of his/her own in order to make income out of the productions. Skills possessed by the members and prospect for involvement of the Society in Marketing of handloom products should also be indicated. A list showing members WITH TYPE AND QUANTITY OF SERVICEABLE LOOMS WITH NO. OF WEAVERS SHOULD BE ENCLOSED IN THE REPORT.


13.    A member of Dairy, Live Stock, Poultry etc. Cooperative should keep animals of his own conducive for his economic upliftment. At the same time, the Society too should have a chance of marketing the production from the members for its survival and this should be mentioned in the report. LIST OF MEMBERS WITH QUANTITY OF ANIMALS IN EACH CASE SHOULD BE LISTED OUT AND ATTACH ALONG WITH THE REPORT.


14.    Verification report should be supported by productions derived from the members in any category of Societies. The Cash Account as on the date of spot verification of the proposed Cooperative should be enclosed in the report.


15.    No New Society should be recommended for registration if a Society of the same type having the same aims and objects is already in existence in the proposed area of operation of the Society. The existence or non-existence of the same type of Cooperative Society having the same aims and objects should be mentioned in the report.


16.    Promoters/proposed members seeking for registration must reside permanently in the same town, Village or in same Village Council area and mention should be made in the report.


17.    In order to differentiate all the registered Cooperative Societies, the name of the locality of the proposal society should be mentioned as far as possible.