Cooperation Department  in Mizoram had been playing a vital role to overcome the problem of common people and becomes self reliance through cooperative. For this aspect, there are at present 1361 registered Primary Cooperative Societies and 10 Nos. State Level Cooperative Societies scattered all over the state serving the people for their economic upliftment and improving the economic condition.


There are at present 7 District offices functioning in the District Headquarters with Directorate office (Office of RCS) in the State capital. The post of RCS is an IAS cadre post and it has been manned by an IAS officer till today. In order to assist the RCS in the discharge of expansion, there is Addl. RCS, Joint RCS, Deputy RCS and Assistant RCS. The District offices are currently manned by an officer of the rank of Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies.


The Plan Strategy of the Cooperation Department is to strengthen and enhancing the progress of Cooperative Movement within the State which broadly aimed at Socio-Economic Development of the people of Mizoram with special emphasis to achieve the following objectives.

a)  Cooperative Farming in agriculture, horticulture and allied activities like Piggery, Dairy, Poultry, Fishery, Sericulture etc.
b) Strengthening of Cooperative Credit Structure, obtaining credit facilities from financial institutions and boosting up of Cooperative Banks such Mizoram Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd., and Mizoram Urban Cooperative Development Bank Ltd.
c) Providing Cooperative Education and Training through Mizoram State Cooperative Union, District Cooperative Unions and Publicity.
d) Strengthening the organizational set up and infrastructure of the Department as would boost up the cooperative movement.
e) To strengthen the Consumers Cooperatives as would enable them to run Cooperative Stores successfully to maintain reasonable prices of commodities for the common interest of the consumers particularly in the rural areas.
f) Strengthening the Handloom Cooperatives as would helps the handloom weavers to generate income through productions and marketing.