Mizoram was one of the administrative districts of Assam before attaining its centrally administered Union Territory in 1972. Prior to this new political administration, things were difficult to be carried out on a large scale due to the fact that availability of working capital under that extreme corner District of Assam was too meager to meet the demand considering its geographical situation where building up of infrastructure was very expensive. It has area of 21,087 Sq. Kms with a population of 8,91,058 as 2001 Census Report.

The first Cooperative named “The Aizawl Trading Cooperative Society Ltd.” was registered in 1949 and the first Cooperative Sub-Divisional Office was established in 1951 at Aijal which was upgraded as a District Office on 3.1.2956.

Much headway, could not be made to strengthen Cooperative Movement due to the out break of Insurgency in Mizoram which lasted for 20 years. However, during the period of political disturbances, steps were taken by organization Consumer’s Cooperative Societies as there were some inconveniences caused by the insurgency to foster the functions of other type of cooperative like Agricultural Credit Cooperatives.